Designers List

.::MC FASHION – “EASTER EGG hunt – 7thRound:::.
Open March 31th until April 23th

List of our Designers for this round

1.Kalabrie Allstar – ZEITGEIST
2.PinkRayne – HOLY SHIrT!
3.Winter Gravois – Winterwood Designs
4.Moreno Forwzy – M&M
5.Nena Easterwood – Divalicious Designs
6.Xara Claven – X-Sight
7.Anyta Dragoone – Phwoar Couture
8.V1ct0ria – MIRUS Designs
9.Bugsy Hansome – POMPOSITY
10.Caelia bellic – Cae.b designs
11.Johnydeep – J&A
12.Bijanka Zuta – [Bijou]. couture!
13.Vixn Dagger – Vengeful Threads
14.XxnenikahstylexX – [KHARMA]
15.Gatta.piers – Forever Designs
16.Alina Blaukempt – Nya’s Shop
17.Roslyn1 Bailey – Baileys
18.Darkunicorn – Uni-qu3
19.Kristabel Ashmoot – AsHmOoT
20.Bluedevil Sahara – Aura Blue
21.Florina Phelan – FLRN Design
22.Banba Muircastle – Bohemian Gypsy
23.Nyenna.enyo – NYhilistic
24.Sebastian007 Viper – charmed breedable fashions
25.Silkky.ceriano – ToO CleAn
26.Amy Dominica – .:FallenDreams Inc:.
27.Geeny Silverblade – [LaGeeny Fashion]
28.Leonie Cisse – Monkey Buiseniss
30.Marisa Yip – ::*Trendy Nails::*
31.Siria87 Galicia – Siria’s Design
32.Maniac Quintessa – ManiacQuintessa

Happy Huntting and Great Shoppings!


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