Rules for designers and bloggers !

We proudly present the “MC Fashion Events”!!!

“MC Fashion Events” will run every two weeks ,starting with 12’th December .Each event will have a different theme and the designers will delight you with items matching the theme .These are discount sales events ,all items will be priced a between 30 and 100L.

It’s mandatory to read the rules before applying as a designer
It’s mandatory to rezz the MC Fashion Events promo poster in your main store once you have been accepted . If you don’t have a main store in world, you must create a picture in your profile about the event.
You need to have an open space to receive the group event, because once you are accepted, it is mandatory to be in the MC Fashion Events team group.This group allows you to send your creation in the group for bloggers and rezz actions.
Only high quality designers who make original content will be accepted in “MC Fashion Events”. The designers that are using templates are accepted, as long as the templates are modified and respect the creator TOS.
Each designer will have to create a minimum of 1 exclusive item related to the theme of the event
The exclusive item cannot be sold in your main store or marketplace during the event.
No adult content. The sim will be mature rated.
Items prices will be marked to a discounted price of 30-100 linden; not allowed fat-packs.
Each designer that will participate at the event will have to rent a Store & Stall for 500 L$ and they will receive “Store” ( 25 prims) & “Stall” ( 15 Prims ) to display their items or vendor boxes your choice .
Store : You can put Any Items / Any Price
Stall : Price of 30-100 linden; not allowed fat-packs, 1 exclusive item related to the theme of the event
The designers will get the welcome pack after you have been accepted.
After you set up you have to send pictures with your items for blog and notice.
We need a picture of your exclusive item and price as well, and one picture of you free gift.
After you finish to set up your stall you have to SEND ONE OR MORE ITEMS TO MC FASHION EVENT GROUP FOR BLOGGERS. It’s very important to send one of your items for bloggers, because they need your staff to post them.

Scrips allowed:
• LM Giver (one for store);
• % to vendor
• IF your store provides poses and animations , the script of animation is allowed.

Scripts NOT allowed:
• Script of animation objects
• Scripts that sends group invites
• Group gift.
• Scripts that send messages
• gatcha
• Among others

Blogger rules
This application is for MC Fashion Events BLOGGERS. Only fill this out if you are interested and dedicated to the our events.
It should also be noted that if you are accepted as Blogger, that your blog will be checked by Cprian Osei and if you have any issues with blogging in one week you must contact him.

• Requirements:
– high quality pictures
– regular blogging since more than 3 Month
– elaborate styling
– being able to at least blog 5 items per week (can be in one blog post)

• Rules you will have to follow:
Once you are accepted, it is mandatory to be in the MC Fashion Events team group.
Each blogger must join the MC Fashion Events official FlickR and post their links with credits.
Bloggers must send a detailed report notecard to the Ciprian Osei after the event. This notecard must includes all links related to MC Fashion events

Payment Options

1. The Events ( Store & Stall) = 500 / 2 week / 40 Prims

1.- You must respect number prims, if you exceed we will return them.
2.- Prices must be 100L$ or less, if we find some vendor over this price we will return it.
3.- You must send pictures full perm with your free gifts and eclusive items, for notice and blog,
4.- If you like to be in the next events you have to contact Ciprian Osei. First comes first serves.

For maximum coverage of the event, we ask that you also promote MC Fashion event in your own websites/blogs/facebook/etc. We will do our best to promote the sales room but we do expect you to do the same.
If you have some questions please dont hesitate ask Ciprian Osei or Anca Knave. Looking forward to hear about you.


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